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Postwar American Television

1945-60 American Sets

Immediately after World War Two production of TV sets started in the U.S. In 1946, only a few stations were on the air, and broadcasting hours were very limited. By 1949, almost all major cities had at least one station. At the end of 1946, only 44,000 homes had a TV set; by the end of 1949, there were 4.2 million TV homes. By 1953, 50% of American homes had television.

In the late 40s, A T & T started building a microwave and coaxial cable network to tie together TV stations in the U.S. The network started on the east coast, but by 1950 it had been expanded to the south and midwest. By 1956, most cities were linked to network programming.

There is a good selection of pictures of postwar American sets, along with a lot of advertising material, at Television History - the First 75 Years.

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American Sets in our collection

Alphabetical listing of postwar sets in our collection

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1945-46 Sets

  Belmont 21A21

DuMont RA-101 "Custom"

Farnsworth 1945 Prototype



RCA 630TCS  

Telicon Projection

Viewtone VP100


1947 Sets

Andrea T-VJ12

Crosley "Swing-a-View"

DuMont RA-102 "Clifton"  

DuMont RA-103 "Chatham"

DuMont demodulator


General Electric 801

General Electric 901

Motorola VK-101M

Motorola VT-105





RCA 730TV1

Rembrandt (Remington) 1950

Sightmaster S-15

Stromberg Carlson Console TV-12

Stromberg Carlson Table Model TV-12  

Telekit (Electro-Technical Industries) 7 Kit

Telekit 10A

Transvision Kit

Transvision Kit in cabinet

Transvision Kit in TeleKit cabinet

Transvision Kit with 5 inch CRT

United States Television T-507

United States Television T-530

Videograph Television Jukebox


1948 Sets

  Admiral 19A11

Admiral 20X122

Airline 94GSE-3011B

Airline 94GSE-3018A

Andrea T-VK12

Automatic TV-709

  Capehart-Farnsworth 651-P

Capehart-Farnsworth 661-P

Crosley 9-425

Emerson 610

  Emerson 628

Garod 930-TV

  General Electric 802

General Electric 803

Hallicrafters T-54

 Majestic 18C91  

Motorola VK-106

Motorola VT-71

Motorola 7VT-5B

Motorola 9T1

  Olympic RTU-3H

Philco 48-700

  Philco 48-1000

  Philco 48-1001

  Philco 48-2500

Pilot TV-37

  Radio Craftsman RC-101

  Raytheon-Belmont 7DX21

  RCA 8T241


RCA Berkshire

RCA Clubman

Regal TV-1230

Sentinel 400-TV

  Sightmaster Americana  

Snaider Auditorium

 Teletone TV-220

Telindustries 1948 Prototype

  Temple TV-1776

Tradiovision Model 13

Transvision 10 Inch Kit

Videodyne 10-FM

Westinghouse H-196


1949 Sets

 Admiral 20X136

  Ambassador 612

Automatic TVP-490

  Bendix 2020

Bendix 235-MA

Bowers TC270-17

  Crosley 9-403MA

DuMont RA-108 

  Electromatic 101  

Emerson 608

Emerson 609

Emerson 611

  Emerson 649

Fada 930

General Electric 800

General Electric 810

General Electric 10T4


  Hallicrafters 600

Homemade Projection

  Homemade 1949 Set

  Meck XA-701  

Midwest JR-32

Motorola 10VT10

Muntz M21

  National Videometer

National TV-7W


  Phaostron P-18-C

Philco 49T-1150


  RCA 9-T-246  

  Scott 800BT

Sparton 4940

  Sparton 4951

Stewart Warner 9100A

Stromberg Carlson TC-18LX


Teletone TV-209

 Zenith 28T92


1950-70 Sets

American Television 14T6

Andrea C-VL16

A T & T Model 2 Picturephone

  DuMont Royal Sovereign

Electrical Products Projector

Giant View Projector

GPL PB-611 Projector

Hallicrafters 511


Muntz 17A3A

Philco 50-701

Philco Safari

Philco Tandem Predicta

Raytheon C-1104

Raytheon M-1101

  Raytheon  M-1106

RCA 14-S-7070

Sprayberry Kit

Sylvania Dualette

Zenith Flashmatic

Theatre Network Television Projection Set