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Early Broadcast Equipment

Postwar Camera Gallery

Chuck Pharis Camera and Microphone Museum
Postwar Camera tubes
First zoom lens

Iconoscope Cameras

RCA TK-20 film camera

General Electric PC2 film camera

Amateur Iconoscope camera built by CFRN, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (ca 1947-48)

1946 Iconoscope camera from WPTZ (1946)

Orthicon/Image Orthicon Cameras

Dumont camera

This camera can be seen in this American Televcasting Corp. brochure

From ad in Television, January 1946

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

RCA TK-10 prototype

From ad in Television, January 1946

Courtesy of Steve Dichter


General Electric PC-4

Polarad Image Orthicon Camera (1940s)

50s General Electric camera


DuMont 124

ATI camera (ca 1948)

Pye MK3

DuMont Electronicam (1956)

Courtesy of Chuck Pharis

Sarkes Tarzian 3000L (1964)


Vidicon Cameras

Article about Vidicon camera in railroad application

See yourself on TV - coin operated cameras

Dage Industrial Cameras


GPL PD-501 (Courtesy of Craig Carson)

ATV Research (Courtesy of Dave Sica)

GPL ruggedized vidicon camera

FTL vidicon camera

Kay-Lab vidicon camera chain

Kay-Lab industrial vidicon camera

Polarad vidicon camera

RCA Prototype Vidicon Camera


AT & T Picturephone

RCA Type F "Walkie-Lookie" Prototype Camera

Image Dissector Camera

Diamond Power Image Dissector Camera

1946 Farnsworth ad

1946 DuMont ad

Broadcasting & Telecasting, October 7, 1946