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Some Humor for the New Year

We get frequent requests for estimates of value of TV sets. Here is an exchange that happened recently:

Email from S...i:

Curtis Mathes 1982 run 01  remote  last year of tvds fully USA Built and sourced and built by oriuginal owners before plane crash.

Our reply:

Unfortunately, your set is too new to have any value to collectors.

S..i's reply:

LOL i sent this info to your site, te iff you are competent and you proves your site is ab absolute joke,  i just sold 2 of thse so called not valuable tvs for 200,000 grand each, since last ALL AMERICAN TVS made by original owners of the company

seriously yoiur site is a joke

Our reply:


S..i's reply:

nope noyt nonsense,  i found buyers and piched with Trump coming in, its important to own last made products in USA MADE in varioys categories