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Mechanical Television

American Home Made Mechanical Sets

24 line set made by Murry Mercier

60 line set made by Murry Mercier

1928 set made by Stanley Jay



This set was made in about 1928. It uses a fan motor and a 24 hole disk. The 3 tube amplifier is made by Daven. Because the motor is not synchronous and there are no phonic coils, the picture had to be continually adjusted to keep it still. The set was purchased in Nashville years ago and moved to London, Ontario. (Thanks to Luc Sirois for the pictures and the information). 

Another set owned by Luc Sirois

Set using Jenkins disk. Note the motor drive arrangement. Speed of the disk is changed by moving the motor and its drive wheel in and out.

This attractive set is owned by Luc Sirois. It appears to be home made. The name on the disk is similar to Insuline Corporation of America, which was also located in New York. However, none of our ICA advertising literature mentions this name.