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Postwar American Television

Chuck Pharis Camera and Microphone Museum

I have been working on my camera and microphone museum for months. Here are some early photos. Sorry no tape machines as I just do not have the room for them. I still have more cameras to display but need to re-build some pan heads and restore some tripods and wheels. If anyone gets near South Eastern Tennessee email me and I will give you a private tour. The collection is not open to the public. Everything is in a room next to my home. I just installed a full video and internet security system with battery backup. What you see is about ΒΌ of my collection. The rest is in storage. The CCU and monitor are being restored for a working RCA TK-41. I still have a long way to go. Some of the cameras in my display are restored to working condition.

I believe I have the only Marconi MK II and MK III cameras in the USA. I am looking for a MK III Power Supply.

I am also looking for a RCA TK-15 CCU and Field Power Supply and Norelco PC-70 CCU boards. I only have a partial set.