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Early Broadcast Equipment

Remote Telecasting Vans

United States

Vans by RCA
DuMont Telecruiser


KTBX-TV mobile van



WLW mobile van


Using a Checker Marathon Airport Limo (Checker was famous for being the predominant New York cab for years). Late 50s or early 60s.

Courtesy of John Pinckney

WBRC (Birmingham, Alabama) Van, mid 50s. Notice that a 16 mm camera was used rather than a TV camera.

Courtesy of Jim in Seattle

NBC remote using 1953 Cadillac

Television Coverage of the Presidential Inauguration (Courtesy of Dave Sica)

Electrical Engineering, March 1953

British and European Vans

Van used by Portuguese Television (Mid 50s)

1957 Hungarian production van, apparently using Pye equipment.

Courtesy of Kalm r Zolt n

RAI (Italian) production van, 1954

Courtesy of Jim in Seattle

Fernseh GmbH O.B. TV Truck(1963)

BBC Type 2 Colour mobile control room (1969)


(Courtesy of the Virtual Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera)

British BBC MCR21 (1963)

Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera restoration project

Project Vivat

South American Vans

Courtesy of Luis Eduardo Larrosa Trinidad