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Early Television

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This set was made by the Western Televison Co. in Chicago in 1929. It uses a 45 line disk, with triple interlace. Western Television was the first company to produce a commercial television receiver (The Visionette) in 1929 with a 17 inch scanning disk. It was available as kit for $88.25 minus the Kinolamp and cabinet. The cabinet was an extra $20.00. The Visionette cabinet contained only the scanning disk assembly. Separate receivers for sight and sound were necessary to make up a complete television receiver. A companion receiver and consolette table were available from Western Television for an additional $85.00 and $20.00 (information courtesy of Peter Yanczer).

This set is in excellent condition. The only defect is that the veneer has separated from the front panel, which has warped somewhat. It can be easily repaired. The synchronous motor works nicely.

The set was acquired from the grandson of the original owner, who was an executive with Western Television.

Between 250 and 300 of these sets were manufactured, probably more than any other mechanical set in the U.S. The serial number of this set is 190.


Early Television

The rear with the back off