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2020 Early Television Convention

The board of the Early Television Foundation has decided to cancel this year's convention. Several factors were considered in making this decision.

The rooms in the museum are small, and there is limited space in the warehouse for the auction. It would be impossible to enforce a 6 foot social distancing at the convention, with the 125 or so attendees we would have. The same is true for lunch and presentations at the Hilliard Cultural Arts Center.

At the end of August, when we had planned on having the convention, the threat from COVID 19 will be no less than it is today - there will be no vaccine, and no medicines to treat it. We need to wait until one of these things happens before we plan a convention.

Finally, many of our attendees are in the high risk category - over 65 or with health issues. It would be impossible to provide as safe environment for them.

We will have a sweepstakes raffle starting in June. There will be at least two prizes, and tickets will be sold online. We will post more details soon.

On August 29, when we had planned to have the convention, we will have an online presentation about the museum. At that presentation we will also draw the winning tickets for the sweepstakes prizes.

We are disapointed that we won't have a convention this year, but it is necessary to protect the health of our members.