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Donations Needed to Bring the Rebuilding Equipment from Hawkeye to the Museum

Total donations to date: $4,629 - We met our goal. Thank you.

A few months ago Scott Avitt, owner of Hawkeye Picture Tube Co., announced his retirement. A group of volunteers, headed by Bob Dobush and Bob Galanter, have been working to save the CRT rebuilding equipment and bring it to museum in Hilliard. The goal is to eventually set it up there and rebuild tubes for the collecting community. The first step is to get everything to Hilliard.Scotty has generously agreed to donate the equipment, valued at over $20,000, and Bob Dobush is willing to move the equipment (he needs help, of course). We have room at the museum to store and eventually set up the equipment.

Scotty has agreed to sell us a flatbed trailer which will be loaded with all the equipment. Bob Dobush is getting quotes for having the trailer brought to Hilliard. Bob's estimate is that the project will cost no more than $3,000.

We need your help in raising this money. If we raise more than the cost of moving the equipment, the balance will be held for future costs relating to rebuilding tubes. Please donate as much as you can. Donations are tax deductible and can be made three ways:

1, By check. Be sure to write "CRT Rebuilding Fund" on the check, and mail it to Early Television Museum, 5396 Franklin St., HIlliard, OH 43026


2, By PayPal. Account name info@earlytelevision.org. Select "services" and put CRT Rebuilding Fund in the message box.


3. Use this Donate Button


Thanks to the following for donating to the fund::

Chuck Azar
Peter Eldridge
Wayne Bretl
Bill Isen
John Folsom
Wayne Abare
Barry Kasindorf
Bryan Harris
Charles Murray
Matthew D'Asaro
Roger Dreyfoos
Philip Nelson
James Richardson
Einar Jensen
Sonny Clutter
Drew Ritland
Bruce Hagen
Kurt Kowal
Terry Cheek
Jerry Underwood
Richard Dean
Geoffrey Pomeroy
Darryl Hock
Thomas Albrecht
William Molzon
Troy Walters
Dominique Evrard
John Yurkon
James Anderson
Charles Linne
Bob Galanter
Ryan Meldahl
Antonio Pignaloni
Ken Pearson
Steve Kissinger
Eckhard Etzold
Greg Bodnaruk
Thomas Mizikar
Brian Belanger
Dick Maio
John Garrison
Ingo Kubbe
Mary Johnson
Charles Harper
Mike Sauer
Bob Hodge
Kevin Snyder
Tom Sprague
Robert McAlarney