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Early Color Television

Admiral CA101 Color Adapter

Technical information

This adapter was made in 1950 to allow black and white sets to receive CBS field sequential color broadcasts in black and white. It attached to the horizontal and vertical oscillator circuits in the set to change them to the scan rates for the CBS standard.

This adapter was donated to the museum by Cliff Benham. Here are his comments:

This adapter installs *inside* the TV chassis with the color vertical controls and operating selector switch in supplied panels on the rear of the chassis.

As noted in the manual, the adapter allows the set to display NTSC B&W, B&W from a CBS color broadcast and CBS color with a wheel and control circuitry supplied by others.

No information is given about the installation, specifications or operation of the color wheel.

Perhaps admiral did not make a color wheel for use with this adapter and relied on others to supply one compatible with it.

Can anyone provide any information about this?

Admiral brings you Color TV Optional Brochure

Courtesy of Steve Dichter