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Jan 18 Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 52 Bulletins
Jan 16 Ohio Magazine article, January 2018
Jan 15 Ohio Group Travel Guide - 2018
Jan 13 Histoire de la télévision - André Lange's new site (in French)
  Installation and Operation Instructions for Western model 41 and Empire State
Jan 12 November 16, 2017 Early Television Foundation Board Meeting minutes
Jan 10 Vee D X antenna rotor
Jan 7 Hickok 760 Video Scanner
Jan 2, 2018 Happy New Year!
  During 2017, we added 9 mechanical, 4 prewar, and 11 early color sets to our databases
Dec 22 More on Guillermo Gonzalez Camanera, Mexican television pioneer
Dec 21 Guillermo Gonzalez Camanera, Mexican television pioneer
  RCA Coloring Book - courtesy of Dave Arland
Dec 20 Are TVs really cheaper than ever? - CNET article
  Color Database Summary updated: Gom-Cam field sequential receiver added
Dec 19 Gon-Cam receivers
Dec 18 1962 Transvision kit set
  Mechanical Set Database Summary updated: Baird Televisor Kit added
Dec 15 Television - Practical Demonstrations Over WRNY - Radio News, July 1928
  Television Out-of-Doors - Radio News, September 1928
  Television in Natural Colors Demonstrated - Radio News, October 1928
  How Stereoscopic Television is Shown - Radio News, November 1928
  Successful DX Work Marks Radio Movie Transmission - Radio News, November 1928
  Complex Television to Give Large Images - Radio News, December 1928
  Several Wavelengths Used for High Frequency Television - Radio News, December 1928
Dec 12 Color Champion CRT rebuilding plant advertisement
Dec 3 Mechanical television articles from Radio News added from 1928
Dec 2 1946 Dumont (GE) image orthicon camera
Nov 30 Mechanical television articles from Radio News added from 1929
Nov 29 Thanks to all who donated on Giving Tuesday. The museum received almost $3,500 in donations
Nov 27 Mechanical television articles from Radio News added from 1930 - 1938
  More early electronic television articles from Radio News added
Nov 25 More information on the ATC Kinet
  TV station license applications by department stores (1939)
  National Union "stubby" 9 inch CRT (1939)
  Pacent prewar set
  Wald prewar television attachment
  Television articles from Radio News added from 1938, 1942, 1943 and 1944
Nov 24 Television articles from Radio News 1939, 1940 and 1941
Nov 23 W3XE engineers monitor video
Nov 19 CRT spot extiction circuit
Nov 15 More on RCA Institutes
Nov 14 Scanning Methods in Modern Television Television - Imitating the Human Eye - RCA Institutes papers
Nov 8 "Crooked Circle", first televised movie
Nov 6 Telco UHF antenna advertisement
  Mallory UHF converter advertisement
  Granco UHF converter advertisement
  Blonder-Tongue UHF converter advertisement
  Trio Zig-Zag antenna advertisement
Nov 5 CDR, JEB rotor advertisements
Nov 4 Regency UHF converter advertisement
  Regency UHF Converter article
  Advertisements - Radio & Television News, December 1953
  RCA TK-11A advertisement
  Mechanical Database Summary updated: Globe Radiovisor added
Nov 2 Baird Televisor sold at auction for $28,237
  CBS Colortron - Radio-TV News, December 1953
Nov 1 CRT Rebuilding in Waco, Texas
Oct 25 1949 ATI commencement ceremony
Oct 24 Prewar Database Summary updated: RCA TRK-12 added
Oct 15 Color Database Summary updated: Motorola 16CK1 added
Oct 14 1979 video of Danny Gustafsons's CBS 12CC2
Oct 13 2018 Early Television Convention dates
  More progress on LED replacement for crater lamp in Empire State
Oct 11 Early color sets and prewar Marconi for sale in classifieds.
Oct 10 More progress on LED replacement for crater lamp in Empire State
  Color Database Summary updated: Westinghouse H840CK15, Motorola 21CT2 added
Oct 6 LED replacement for crater lamp in Empire State
Oct 5 CRT rebuilding project
Sept 30 The Museum's new video playback system
  Mechanical Database Summary updated: Baird Televisor, See-All 101 added
  Television Mfg. Co. See-All 101
  RCA Electron Tubes sign
Sept 21 CBS microscope camera
Sept 17 Barry Bennett's progress on restoring the museum's TK-41
Sept 12 Photos of TV sets in the 40s and 50s - from Ralph Sargent
Sept 5 Ultra-High-Frequency Television Converters
Sept 4 Early color TV demonstrations
  More documents from Craig Christensen posted
Sept 3 John Christensen - CBS color TV engineer
Aug 31 Zenith Flashmatic advertisement
  North Hollywood Television and Radio
Aug 30 Barry Bennett's progress on restoring the museum's TK-41
  Live Webcast from the site of Farnsworth's original lab in San Francisco with a special event celebrating inventor Philo Taylor Farnsworth on Sept 7th.
Aug 29 RCA TK-41 December 1953 Press Photo
Aug 28 U. S. A. and the Problems of Television (1937 article)
Aug 27 We now have the 405 line modulator kit in stock.
Aug 21 Prewar Database Summary updated: RCA TRK-9 added
  2016 Early Television Foundation Tax Return
Aug 18 Prewar Database Summary updated: RCA TRK-12 added
Aug 17 We are looking for a safety glass from a 21FJP22. Anyone have one they can spare?
Aug 11 Fall Vintage Electronics Swapmeet
  Mechanical Database updated: Jenkins 200, J-D Receiver added
Aug 8 Dave Sager - Litton CRT glassblower
Aug 6 RCA Radiograms from the 1939 World's Fair
Aug 4 Ohio:, For Your Viewing Pleasure Blog about visit to the museum
Aug 3 Color Database updated; Admiral C322C added
July 29 Chuck Pharis' TK-41 restoration
July 27 New bathroom at the museum
July 25 Who Sold the First NTSC Color Set to the Public?
June 30 GE 15CL100 on display at an Akron, Ohio department store
June 26 Color Database Summary updated: Admiral C1617A added
June 25 TV chassis for sale at the museum
June 24 Help us repave our parking lot. Make a donation to our Go Fund Me campaign.
June 23 1936 Texas Exhibition - Television Telephone card
June 20 Blog by Eduardo Suarez with information on a RCA TJ-48 van in Cuba.
  Museum building donated to the Early Television Foundation
June 17 - Byron Ake's site
  Color Database updated: Westinghouse H840CK15 added
June 16 Emerson TV set in a 1959-60 Cadillac
June 15 The Electronic Side of Color Media - article by Richard Wirth
June 11 Norway Radio and Television Museum
  Thomas to Produce Lawrence Color Tube
June 6 DuMont B1103 developmental 19 inch color CRT
May 29 Article in Hilliard Northwest News about the 2017 Convention
May 28 Barry Bennett takes on the TK-41 restoration project
May 25 Sentinel 806-CM 15 inch color set
  Lang Radio and TV Service - Boonville, MO
May 23 Dummy security camera
  More on the TNT projector
  More on the RCA Clubman
May 22 More on the portable sync generator
  Televising the 1948 London Olympics - courtesy of Steve Dichter
May 20 New acquisition: Philco lighted sign
May 18 More on the portable sync generator, high resolution photos of the front and rear
May 17 Article about the museum by Stewart Wolpin in the Huffington Post
May 14 New acquisition: Portable sync generator?
May 11 Revised list of serial numbers of surviving RCA CT-100s
  2017 Convention report
  New acquisitions: RCA Clubman, Theatre Network Television projection set
May 2 RCA CTC-5 Wingate for sale in the classifieds
Apr 27 1 week until the Convention - Register Now
  Schedule changes for the convention: Restoration workshop moved to Saturday afternoon
Apr 26 More Convention Auction items
  Motorola VK-101M
Apr 24 RCA CT-100 in classifeds
Apr 23 Radio & TV News article about Sentinel remote control
Apr 20 2 weeks until the Convention - Register Now
Aor 19 Color Database updated: Motorola 21CT2 added
Apr 16 1939 HRTI booklet with data on British valves courtesy of Neil Bousfield
Apr 10 Revised list of serial numbers of surviving RCA CT-100s
  Pictures of Raytheon 15 inch color prototype chassis
Apr 9 Photo of TRK-12 at FDR home
Apr 6 More on The Iconoscope TV Camera at W6BM, Berkeley
Apr 5 RCA 21-CT-55 for sale in classifieds
Apr 3 Newspaper articles (courtesy of Marshall Wozniak) about Admiral 15 inch color sets
  50s NBC tin toy
  More Convention Auction items
Apr 2 What's Happening with TV Around the World - Popular Mechanics article, June 1953
Mar 31 Prewar Database updated: Marconi 707 added
Mar 27 Video about the museum by SF Productions Podcast Network
Mar 25 Was Raytheon the first manufacturer to sell NTSC color sets to the public?
  Raytheon 19 inch color set
  Who Sold the First NTSC Color Set to the Public?
Mar 23 More on the unidentified (probably SKF monitor) color wheel
Mar 21 Unidentified (maybe SKF) color wheel
Mar 20 Cabinet restoration of a RCA TRK-9
Mar 17 Tentative list of presentations at the 2017 Convention
  1938 letters from Hollywood Radio and Television Institute
Mar 11 New items added to 2017 Convention Auction
Mar 9 More on John Yurkon's all glass 15GP22 project
Mar 8 More on GE 3D color system
Mar 6 Partial WGSF-TV website mirrored
Mar 5 Join our Mailing List
Mar 1 GEC BT 8090
Feb 28 Mechanical Database updated: Unidentified British mirror drum scanner added
Feb 27 Provideo Coalition articles by Richard Wirth
Feb 23 Russian T2 - 1949
Feb 17 Employee badge from American Television Laboratories
Feb 14 1946 Iconoscope camera from WPTZ
Feb 13 KSD-TV Station ID
Feb 12 KSD-TV St. Louis 70th Anniversary
  The Polish Polymath Who Came Up With Television For Opera – In 1878
Feb 11 D. Ballauf Mfg. Co. 24 line Nipkow disk scanner
  Unidentified 60 line lens drum scanner
  Mechanical Database updated: D. Ballauf Mfg. Co. 24 line Nipkow disk scanner and Unidentified 60 line lens drum scanner added
Feb 9 Man demonstrating the "tilt-top" feature of the 1954 Admiral C1617A color receiver
Feb 1 2017 Convention auction items
Jan 31 Joël Poulain's collection
Jan 29 Vericolor microscope camera
Jan 28 Cadillac in Don Lee Studio
Jan 25 Tung-Sol CRT comic book advertisement
Jan 24 TV service and sales companies - 1940s and 50s
  KTTV studios picture
  Coast-to-Coast Television Seen in 1946
  Television Goes Aloft
  G. E. C. 1928 advertisement
  TV sets in motels
  Admiral sign - San Francisco
Jan 19 RF booster for GE HM-185
  Presentations needed for the 2017 Convention
Jan 10 Gudmundur Trausti Fridriksson and the 6BK4
Jan 9 Register now for the 2017 Convention
Jan 7 Some humor for the new year
  1950-60 antenna advertisements
Jan 2 Baird's first television demonstration
Jan 1 Happy New Year!
  Sets added to the databases in 2016: Mechanical 4, Prewar 7, Color 10
Dec 29 Prewar Database updated: Marconi 705 added
Dec 22 Rubin 102 (Russia, 1957)
  Pye_Pedigree (Australia)
  Philco's prediction for television - 1939
Dec 21 Zenith converter -  Hinged to swing out of the way for B&W broadcasts. Courtesy of Steve Dichter
Dec 17 15 inch Scott color set
Dec 8 San Antonio, Texas 1947 television demonstration
Dec 7 Philco 48-1000 assembly line
Dec 5 Roger DuPouy's Website added. Roger has stopped his mechanical television activity, so we have added his site here to preserve it for the future.
  More information on the RCA 500/510A demonstration unit.