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Early Television
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Andrea 1-F-5 and KT-E-5 Tube List

Two channel (50-90 mHz) superhetrodyne (some sets had three channel tuners). 5 inh CRT (5AP4) tetrode. Electrostatic focus and deflection, approx. 30 degrees.


Quan. Type Notes
Oscillator 1 6J5
Mixer 1 6AC7
Video IF Amplifier 2 6AC7 Video (9.5-12.75 mHz), audio (8.25 mHz)
Video detector 1 6H6
Video amplifier 1 6AG7 Some sets used 6V6
Sync separator 1 6AC7
Horizontal (line) oscillator 1 6N7
Horizontal (line) output 1 6F8
Vertical (frame) oscillator 1 6N7
Vertical (frame) output 1 6F8
Audio IF amplifier 1 6AC7 8.25 mHz
Audio detector/amplifier 1 6SQ7
Audio Output 1 6V6
Rectifier (HT) 1 5V4
High Voltage (EHT)  1 2Y2 2500 VDC