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The Acquisition of our Andrea 1-F-5

Most of the sets in our collection are purchased from dealers, at auctions, or from other collectors. Only a couple of previously undiscovered pre-1945 sets are found each year. Here is the story of one such discovery.

One day I got an email from someone who had seen a posting I had made on the antique radio newsgroup forum. He told me that someone at church the previous day had told him she had an old TV set in her attic. He went to see it, and took some digital photos, which he

I told him I was interested in buying the set, and he offered to be a broker in the transaction. However, because of illness in the family of the person who had the set, he was unable to make any progress. Finally, he  sent me the person's address. I then wrote a letter

Two weeks later I got a call from the daughter of the person with the set. She informed me that her mother didn't own the set, but that it was owned by a lady who lived in New York City. I then spoke to the

I flew to New York the next week, went in to the city, and met the owner. She told me that her husband purchased the set in 1939 when he was working for Bell Labs. When he died in 1965, the set was put in the attic of her friend's house in New Jersey, where it had been ever since. I then drove to New Jersey, packed the set carefully, and took it back to Ohio on the plane.

How many other sets are out there in attics? Probably a few, but many more have bee thrown out by their owners.