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Postwar American Television

Bell System / A. T. & T National Network

Bell Labs and A. T. & T. experimented with interconnection of TV stations in the mid 40s, with the New York to Boston route. In 1946 they started expanding the network, using both coaxial cable and microwave links. By 1949 the network covered most of the east coast and midwest. By 1951 some of the south was incorporated, and work was underway to link the west coast. By 1957 the entire country was linked. This network provided interconnection of TV stations until satellite networks were developed in the 70s and 80s.

Live - From Coast to Coast! - Article by Richard Wirth Microwaves for Relaying TV Programs
Bell System Microwave and Coaxial Networks Spanning the Continent by Radio Relay
Bell System Television Network Facilities - 1951 Talking Over Waves
Extension of Cables Will Link Columbus With Video Network Teletech Map -1949

From RCA 1945 booklet

Successful Servicing, May 1947

True Magazine, July 1948

Science Illustrated, January 1949

DuMont network affiliates, 1949

1950 Network Map

National Radio-TV News, October-November 1952

Courtesy of Bob Dobush

1957 Network Map