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Baird Televisor

Cost of a Baird Televisor

The following is from Peter Woods:

Price comparisons over time are invariably invidious, but £26 in 1930s British sovereigns equated to 208 grammes of gold. Value today £2223 or $4474.

In 1930(s) that money would buy:

1 Womans winter coat
1 Mans overcoat
1 Household electric sewing machine
1 Electric washing machine
1 Gas stove

Not a cheap buy.

The plug on the Baird machine fitted a light socket because most 1930s British homes had NO other electricity outlets. I remember being in homes in the 1960s (not mine) where this was the case.

The socket outlets of the time varied in size according to the CURRENT CAPACITY! (There being no variation of voltage by that time.)