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Early Electronic Television

1939 Baird Theatre Television System

We have a projection CRT from Baird on display in the museum. Baird sold his American subsidiary to Rauland in 1942. Rauland continued to develop the technology here.

In a theatre with a 12 x 18 foot screen

Front view of the projector

The projector, showing two projection tubes

The lens,

Dual high voltage power supplies (60 kv)

Above pictures from Dr. Douglas Brown's book "Images Across Space", ISBN number: 978-1-874289-21-0. The book is available at the RSGB Shop.

The projector in operation

Popular Science, November 1939

Broadcasting, July 1 1939

Television & Shortwave World, August 1938

Courtesy of Kevin Edwards

John Logie Baird's Last Projects