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L. Borodulin 

L. Borodulin was an early owner of a television receiver, having bought a RCA TT-5 in 1940. He was a Russian imigre who became the science editor of a Yiddish language newspaper in New York, Der Tog.

Borodulin, whose first name was Lazar,  preferred to be referred to as  "L. Borodulin", or even "L.B." (and colloquially was even called "Mr. Pound", by friends, owing to his initials being the same as the abbreviation for the British Pound.

In addition to his work for Der Tog, Borodulin also wrote a science fiction novel. He died sometime in the mid 1940s.

We hope to learn more about Borodulin in the future. It is likely that he wrote about his TT-5 and early television in Der Tog, and perhaps these articles will show up.

Thanks to Leslie and Adam Alexander for this information