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Braunschweig, Germany Television Demonstration

This is a report about the first television exhibition in Braunschweig, Germany in the summer of 1938. An iconoscope camera made by Telefunken was used, and the Fernseh AG DE6 and DE7 receivers were demonstrated.

Every visitor to the demonstration could seen her or himself in television in an open-air-theatre. The television demonstration was on the occasion of the opening of the second television transmitter on the "Brocken", the highest mountain in the Harz mountains, and Braunschweig would receive television from the "Brocken" transmitter with high picture quality.

The television demonstration was from August 19th to September 4th, 1938 on the SA field in Braunschweig. The exhibition was at the "Ausstellung 100 Jahre Staatsbahn. Land zwischen Harz und Heide" (100th anniversary of the State Railway in the country between Harz-mountains and Heathland).

Information and scans courtesy of Eckhard Etzold