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Early Electronic Television

Comparison of British and American Pre-1945 Sets

This table shows the signficant technical features of set in our collection and highlights the similarities and differences

  British Sets      
TRF/Superhet Channels RF Amp Deflection Notes
Baird T18C Superhet 1 N Mag
Cossor 1210 Superhet 1 Y Mag
Cossor 137T TRF   Elect
Cossor 54 Superhet 1 Y Elect
Ekco TA201 TRF Mag Ext sound
HMV 1800 Superhet 1 Y Mag
HMV 900 TRF Mag
HMV 902 TRF Mag
HMV 904 Superhet 1 Y Mag
HMV 905 Superhet 1 Y Mag
HMV 907 Superhet 1 Y Mag
Marconi 705 TRF Mag
Marconi 701 TRF Mag
Marconi  702 TRF Mag
Marconi 703 TRF Mag
Marconi 706 Superhet 1 Y Mag
Marconi 707 Superhet 1 Y Mag
Marconi 709 Superhet 1 Y Mag
Murphy A58V Superhet 1 Y Mag
Pye 815 TRF Mag
Pye 817 TRF   Mag
RGD 382-RG Superhet 1 Y Mag
  American Sets      
TRF/Superhet Channels RF Amp Deflection Notes
Andrea 1-F-5 Superhet 2 or 3 N Elect
Andrea KT-E-5 Superhet 2 or 3 N Elect Kit
Andrea 8-F-12 Superhet 5 N Mag
Bell & Howell Superhet Continuous Y Mag
DuMont  180 Superhet 4 Y Mag
GE 90 Superhet 5 Y Mag
GE HM-171 Superhet 3 N Elec Ext sound
GE HM-185 Superhet 3 N Elec
GE HM-225 Superhet 5 N Mag
GE HM-226 Superhet 5 N Mag
Meissner 10-1153 Superhet 3 N Elect Kit
RCA TRK-5 Superhet 5 N Elect
RCA TT-5 Superhet 5 N Elect Ext Sound
RCA TRK-9 Superhet 5 N Mag
RCA TRK-12 Superhet 5 N Mag



   All have "brute force" CRT high voltage (EHT)
   Both countries made a few models requiring an external audio output section and speaker
   Both countries made models with electrostatic and magnetic CRTs. However, in the US there were only a few
      types of CRTs (mostly made by RCA) while there was a great variety of CRTs in Britain.



   All British sets, whether superhet or TRF, tuned only one channel. American sets could select 3-5 channels
   Kit sets were made only in the US
   Most US sets did not have a RF amplifier, while all British superhet sets had one
   Some British sets used thyratrons for horizontal (line) and vertical (frame) oscillators.
      The only US set to use a thyratron was Philco.