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Early Color Television

Progress Report on Color Television 

These pictures are from a November, 1941 document from CBS entitled "Progress Report on Color Television", a 100 page book from the collection of a retired Philco engineer. This is probably the  earliest discussion of color discovered to date other than the Bell color experiments from 1928. Thanks to Dave Abramson for providing them to us.


Orthicon camera on tripod. Direct pickup color camera.


Orthicon camera; inside view, showing filter drum with synchronous driving motor.


Orthicon color camera; filter drum assembly.


A view of the projector and image dissector used for transmission of color slides and film.

A fluorescent light unit, used in color work.


View of a bank of fluorescent lights.

7" color television receiver; front view.


7" color television receiver; top view, open.

This picture was glued over the one on the right, maybe because CBS changed to a more commercial looking set.


9" color television receiver; front view.


9" color television receiver; top view, open. Soundproofing is visible around the cabinet.


Rectangular flat-screen cathode ray tube for color television. This is the only known American rectangular Pre-1945 tube.