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Picture Tubes

Color Picture Tubes

CFT Grid Type Color CRT RCA's first automated production line for color CRTs
Color Maker Aids TV RCA picture tube price list - 1955
Intertel flat screen CRT Thomas Electronics 15GP22 and Lawrence CRT
Manufacture of Color Picture Tubes World's smallest Trinitron
Motorola rectangular prototype CRT  

* Indicates the tube is on display at the museum

Early Tubes

Baird Telechrome (1942-45)

DuMont Trichromoscope (1947)

Geer CRT (1949-52)

RCA C73275* (1951)

One gun developmental CRT

CBS projection tube (1951?)

RCA C73293C* (1952)

Three gun developmental CRT

Chromatron (1952-54)

RCA 15GP22* (1954) Used in RCA CT-100 and other 15 inch color sets

CBS Hytron 15HP22 (1954)

CBS 205 Colortron* (19VP22) (1954)

DuMont B1103 (1954)

DuMont rectangular tube (1954)

Zenith 21 inch rectangular (1954)

RCA C736785* (1954)

RCA 21AXP22 (1955)

CBS HD226* (1957). Early rectangular color tube

Westinghouse 22EP22. (1957) Used in Westinghouse H22T155.

Philco Apple (1957)

21CYP22 (1959)

RCA (?) Experimental Flat CRT *

Motorola Prototype Rectangular (early 60s)


Modern Tubes

W76 DOS 140* - World's shallowest color TV tube. This is the last prototype color tube made by Thomson (RCA) at their Lancaster, Pennsylvania plant. This tube has an impossible 140 degree deflection angle. In fact, engineers were never able to get it to converge properly.

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Cutaway of a 110 degree color CRT*. These items were donated by Thomson.