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Early Color Television

Colortone Color Wheel Assembly

This is the front of a Colortone color wheel assembly, part of a color converter designed to be used with the CBS field sequential system. It was made in 1951, and may have been sold, along with the required electronics, by Colortone Television Co. of New York. This assembly is very similar to the one used in the CBS 12CC2 and Slave receivers (thanks to Ed Reitan for that information). The plastic cover for the viewing area is broken and mostly missing. The assembly was donated to the museum by Dave Johnson.


Here is the rear of the unit. The motor (missing) mounts below the belt pulley. The CRT (10 inch) mounts in the round ring on the right.


This ad, which appeared in the November, 1951 issue of Radio-TV magazine, shows the color adapter box and a similar wheel assembly.

Courtesy of John Folsom

The color wheel assembly in the CBS 12CC2 receiver. It is almost identical to the Colortone assembly.

(From Ed Reitan's Color Television History)