Early Television
Early Television
Early Television Early Television
Early Color Television

Dage Model 650 Studio Monitor

Early Television

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Early Television

Before Restoration

This monitor was made in 1954 for use in a television studio with a Dage color camera. It has been sitting in the basement of a television station since 1960, and is in very poor condition. We have two of these, and hope to restore one of them. It uses the 15GP22 picture tube, the same as was in the early home color sets.

We have finished restoring this monitor. The cabinet has been repainted, but is missing the side panels.

Here is the story of George Fathauer, the founder of Dage.

We believe that this monitor was used with a vidicon studio or remote camera, since it has a camera control unit built in to the top. The cabinet has handles on the side, indicating that it was for field use. Dage also sold this monitor as part of a film and slide chain.