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Mechanical Television

Daven Tri Standard

(click on picture for high resolution image)

This set uses all Daven components, and was built from articles in the December 1928 and January 1929 issues of Popular Mechanics. Plans for building the receiver were available for 15 cents from the magazine. Notice the viewing piece, which can be moved to one of three holes (the first one is visible above the viewer, the second is behind the viewer, and the third is hidden under the second one).

The picture on the right shows the set with the front and side open. The the motor and neon are at the top, with the motor speed control on the right.



On the left is the 4 tube amplifier, and on the right is a view with the the scanning disk installed


All the tubes in the amplifier have these labels on them - probably the owner of the set.

Factory made set, from Walter Rowan 1929 catalog

Press release announcing factory set