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Early Broadcast Equipment

DuMont Electronicam

Chuck Pharis' comments:

Used before video tape, this camera was supposed to be the answer to a Kinescope. For you "young" engineers out there, a Kinescope was simply a film camera that shot a video monitor. It was the only way they had to preserve shows before video tape was invented. The quality always depended on how good the CRT was on the tv set. DuMont invented this Electronicam. It had either a 16mm or a 35mm film camera inside the blimp. The blimp was used to keep the noise of the film camera from getting into the studio mics. The show was shot normally with three of these cameras. 

The video could be controlled by the Video Engineer, and everyone in the control room could see all the cameras in real time on the set. Impossible with film only cameras in the 50s. (later on, video assist was invented).

Pictures courtesy of Chuck Pharis

Broadcasting-Telecasting, July 23, 1956

Courtey of Steve Dichter