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Early Electronic Television

Fernseh A. G. 

1934-35 table model. 180 lines.

Courtesy of Jerome Halphen

1934-35 table model specifications

Courtesy of Eckhard Etzold

1936 Console

1936/37 15 inch model.

1936-37 model


1937-38 model


1938 projection set

1938 projection set diagram


DE 6 (1938)

Prototype chassis in the Deutsches Museum Munich

Pictures of the CRT and more pictures of the set


Block Diagram

DE 7R (1938/39). 12 inch direct view.

DE 7R chassis

DE 7R block diagram

 DE 7 specifications

DE 8R (1939-40) 16 inch

Courtesy of Jerome Halphen

DE 8R chassis

DE-8R specifications

Courtesy of Eckhard Etzold


HPE 5 R (1939). Projection set produces a 17" by 20" picture on a directional screen attached to the lid. This set appeared in a 1939 magazine and was identified as being at the 1939 Berlin Exposition. It was to be sold for about $225. It uses Baird's patented vertical deflection. Baird was a member of Fernseh A.G. (Information courtesy of Darius-Karim Mottaghian-Milani). 

HPE 5 R chassis

HPE 5 R specifications

Courtesy of Eckhard Etzold



DE 9 (1939/40)


Fernseh Large Picture Projection Sets


Fernseh FE-FBB 1943 military monitor?