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Early Electronic Television

General Electric

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IHM-171. 1938 5 inch tabletop prototype.   The I could mean "initial".  It is basically a HM-171 but it has an audio channel with speaker and 7 pre-set stations.  GE changed its plans when it learned that RCA was coming out with the TT-5 television attachment.  The speaker was removed,  the tuner was simplified, and the HM-171 was made. Many radios made in 1939 and 40 were advertised as "Ready for Television", meaning they could be connected to sets like the HM-171 and the TT-5 to receive the audio portion of TV. (Information courtesy

1938 Prototype, 7 channels, with sound

Courtesy of Tom Genova

HM-171 Porthole Style, probably displayed at the 1939 World's Fair

HM-171 (1939) 5 inch. Vision only. Original price $250


HM-185 (1939) 5 inch

HM-185 Porthole Style

HM-225 (1939) 9 inch

HM-226  (1939)

HM-275 (1939) and Musaphonic Model 90 (1941). 12 inch

1941 Production Line