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Early Television Early Television
Early Television Early Television
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Grammont 504-A-31

Early Television

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This French set was apparently made around 1951. It has a round picture tube, and is for the 819 line standard.

We have restored this set, and know more about it now. It was made for the first 819 line transmitter, in Paris, operating on 174 to 188 Mhz  The French standard required 14 mHz for a single channel, compared to 6 mHz for the American NTSC and 7 mHz for European 625 line systems. The French system was capable of much better picture quality, but, because fewer channels were possible, it was abandoned in favor of the 625 line standard.

This set uses American tubes, and is designed for 110 volt power, which is surprising, since France uses 220 volts today.

Early Television

Here is a picture of the chassis. Notice the sloped design.