Early Television
Early Television
Early Television
Early Television Early Television
Early Electronic Television

 HMV 902

Early Television

Screen Size 9 inch
Year Made 1937
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost 120 Gns.
Number Still in Existence See Pre-1945 Database
Cabinet Original Finish
Chassis Not Restored

Technical information

This set is perhaps the most unusual pre-1945 English model. It used a 9" vertically mounted with a 45 degree mirror and a huge magnifying lens on the front of the cabinet that made the picture as big as on a 14" set. At the top in the center is a 78 rpm phonograph. It also has a AM/SW radio.

HMV later made the 902A, which used a 12 inch CRT horizontally mounted in place of the lens and mirror, which were too expensive to make and also had a somewhat restricted  viewing angle. Some people found the the 902 unpleasant to watch, like looking down a mine shaft said one person. No 902As are known to exist (Information courtesy of David Boynes).