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Early Television Stations

KOTV Tulsa

KOTV began broadcasting on October 15. 1949. the 19th station to come on the air after World War Two, and one of the first west of the Mississippi. Here is the station's history. KOTV purchased a RCA mobile production van, which is shown in these pictures, which were taken some time between 1949 and 1952. Many of these photos feature Helen Alverez, described in the above history link.

The man standing on the remote truck roof with KOTV manager Helen Alvarez is Chief Engineer George Jacobs. Jacobs was a broadcast equipment design engineer at RCA Camden starting in 1938 and left RCA to become Chief Engineer of Cameron Television.

These pictures show KOTV's studio at a later date. Notice the zoom lens on the camera and the rectangular screen monitors. Chief Engineer George Jacobs purchased from his friend, Dr. Frank Back, the first "zoom" lens made for televsion camera use in the late 1940's. (The lens in the picture below is a newer type)

Courtesy of George Lemaster

From 1951

Courtesy of Steve Dichter