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Early Television Stations

KSTP Minneapolis - St. Paul

Twin Cities Television Milestones

In 1938 RCA sold a "portable" camera setup to KSTP, which used them in experimental broadcasts. The station became a commercial broadcaster in 1948

Broadcasting, September 1 1939

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

Picture of the interior of Arlington Electric store, September 22, 1939. Television demonstration by KSTP during Payne Avenue Harvest Festival

Broadcasting, September 15, 1939

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

1939 press photo

Broadcasting, September 15 1939

Warden and deputy warden demonstrating possible use of KSTP's television cameras for
security purposes at the State Prison in 1939.

After the war, KSTP-TV was the first television station in Minnesota, signing on the air April 27, 1948, from the Prom Ballroom. It was the first NBC affiliate not owned by the network.

The transmitter, located at the executive offices at 3415 University Avenue, had a 571 foot tower and an effective radiated power of 24,700 watts.