Early Television
Early Television
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Museum Audio Tours

We have started installing devices in each area of the museum to provide a brief audio description for visitors. A box about 6" x 6" x 4" deep is mounted on the wall. The front is painted bright green for easy identification. Inside the box is a Micca solid state playback unit (the same as we use for video playback). The remote control of the Micca is attached to the front cover of the box, with a hole drilled in the box to allow the "OK" button to be pushed. A SD card contains a brief audio tour (3 to 4 minutes) of the area.

A small wired computer speaker will be placed on top of the boxes.

Early Television

Early Television

We have audio tour boxes in these areas:

Entry Area - About the Museum
Mechanical Room - History of mechanical TV
British Prewar Room - The development of electronic TV, British Prewar TV
American Prewar Room - 1939 Worlds Fair, RCA's role, American Prewar TV
Postwar Room (row1) - TV after the war, growth of TV in the U. S.
Postwar Room (row 2) - Early projection sets, TV from 1950-1960
Postwar Room (row 3) - Field sequential color, NTSC color
Broadcast Equipment Room - Early b/w cameras, TK-41 camera, WGSF van