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Postwar American Television

Olympic RTU-3H Duplicator

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(1948 - 10 inch)

This set was made for use as a monitor, possibly in the office of a TV executive. It has no tuner, and has audio and video inputs. Similar units were used as part of the Hotelvision system. A series of pushbuttons on the duplicator sent a signal back over a cable to a central point, where TV sets with audio and video outputs were permanently tuned to the channels available in the area. The signals from the pushbuttons routed the A/V signals from the desired channel to the duplicator, located in a hotel room. A separate cable went from each room to the central point.

This set was refinished by and donated by Charles Harper of Paris, KY.

Popular Mechanics, March 1949

Radio & Television Retailing, December 1948

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

Tom Scarpelli noticed that his Olympic mirror in lid set had a jack on the back for connecting a duplicator and sent us these photos:

Radio & Television Retailing, December 1948

Courtesy of Steve Dichter 

Another "slave" set - the Vidcraft A-101