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Early Electronic Television

405 Line Television in the Netherlands 

This article was provided by Eckhard Etzold, who wrote the following about it:

This issue of Funkschau magazine from November, 1936 is about 405 line television experiments at Philips in the Netherlands. The article tries to prove that 180 lines are enough for television, and 405 lines do not show a visible improvement. I think this article is part of the bitter rivalry raged for the worlds best television system. In 1936, Nazi Germany has lost its advance in television with the introduction of the British 405 line television standard.

Note, that this issue of Funkschau was dated November 1st, 1936. On November 2, 1936 the 405 line service was started from studios at Alexandra Palace. The British television system was not mentioned in the entire article. Only the new German 375 line system, demonstrated at the Berlin radio exhibition in 1936, was mentioned, and it was stated, that 375 lines are as good as 405 lines.