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Postwar American Television

Postwar Television Test Equipment

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Eico 425 Oscilloscope

Jackson Signal Generator


Precision 920 Tube Tester

Heathkit VTVM

Approved Electronics A-460 Field Strength Meter

Here is a Transvision field strength meter from the same era.

B & K Dyna-Scan Flying Spot Scanner Video Generator

Hickok 610 Alignment Signal Generator

Lectrotech CRT-100 CRT Tester

RCA WR-64 Color Bar Generator

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

Eico 630 CRT tester. One of the few that tests 7JP4s

Hickok 760 Video Scanner

Donated by the family of Victor L. Hamrick of Claymont, Delaware

This device was made in the late 40s by Crest Laboratories to generate horizontal and vertical bars on the picture tube for adjustment of linearity. It was installed by removing the socket from the CRT and inserting the device. (Donated by Joe Sousa)



Simpson TV Antenna Compass. Used to orient TV antennas. (Donated by Charles Harper)

Simpson Model 406 Chromatic Amplifier (Donated by Bill Walter, restored by Joe Sousa). Used to amplify video and chroma signals for low sensitivity oscilloscopes. Here is the operator's manual.

Sylvania Color Viewer

Degaussing Coil


Wickes color test equipment