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Early Color Television

Pye Experimental Color TV

Britain retained its 405 line TV standard after World War Two, while the rest of Europe and America adopted higher resolution systems. When the NTSC color system was adopted in the U.S. in 1953, British manufacturers experimented with adopting it for the 405 line standard. Ultimately the BBC decided not to proceed with color using the 405 line standard, and finally adopted the PAL color system with the switch to a 625 line standard in the 1960s. David Boynes has undertaken restoration of this set. The major problem is constructing a 405 NTSC signal source.

This set was made in 1956, using many U.S. components.

The CRT is an American made 21AXP22, used in the first generation 21 inch color sets

The yoke and convergence coils are from RCA


The chassis is almost as complex as the RCA CT-100

This is the color demodulator section