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Early Electronic Television


TT-5  (1939) 5 inch. Vision only. Original price $199.50


TRK-5 (1939) 5 inch. Original price $295

TRK-9 (1939) and TRK-90 (1940) 9 inch. Original price $450.

TRK-12 (1939) and TRK-120 (1940) 12 inch. Original price $600.


1932 Field Test Prototype

1936 RR-359 Field Test Prototype

1936 RR-366 Prototype

This set did not have an audio amplifier, but instead broadcast the sound on a short wave frequency for reception on a standard radio



Made during World War Two

1939 Projection Set


Zworykin 1929 CRT receiver

1943 Ten Inch TT-5 (probably only an artists rendition)

RCA 1940 $200 Receiver

Radio News, August, 1939

This picture was taken at the 1939 World's Fair.  The tube was called a "flask" design.  It was a way to get a larger and flat screen.  The picture tube was in the shape of an iconoscope.  I imaging only the one was made.  I did see some reference to the spare tubes on hand for the fair and there was a spare tube at the time. (Information courtesy of Jeff Lendaro)