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Early Broadcast Equipment

RCA Antenna installed on the Empire State Building, 1946

These pictures are RCA publicity photos from 1946. The captions are on the back of the photos. Three antennas were installed: one for 66-72 mHz transmission of TV, one for WEAF-FM, RCA's commercial FM radio station, and one for experiments with RCA's 288 mHz television transmitter. (Thanks to Bill Sutherland for providing us with the correct identification of these pictures)

New antennae on Empire State looking up through trapdoor in roof 

Empire State antenna

New antenna on Empire State. O. B. Hanson inspecting it

New antenna for Empire State being delivered

Antenna, Empire State. 288, WEAF-FM, 4 video antenna

 Empire State 288 Ant.

New antenna on Empire State, O. B. Hanson inspecting it. 

Last section of new antenna at Empire State being hoisted into place

 Empire State 288 antenna

 Empire State 288 antenna

Empire State 288 antenna.

 Empire State antenna (288) and part of WEAF-FM

Experimental television antenna for 288 megacycle transmitter