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Early Broadcast Equipment

RCA Remote Telecasting Vans

Vans by other manufacturers
DuMont Telecruiser

RCA introduced its first postwar mobile production van in 1948, the TJ-48. One was purchased by KDYL in Salt Lake City and later bought by WGSF in Newark, Ohio. Another was at WXYZ in Detroit, and is now being restored by Chuck Pharis. A third one is in a museum near Havana, Cuba. Here is a blog by Eduardo Suarez which includes information on this van.

TJ-50 Brochure

TJ-48/50 Television Vans

WTMJ Mobile Van



WBAP Mobile Van

Courtesy of Jame Cozart

NBC's first color remote van

Courtesy of Steve Dichter


TJ-48s in Cuba

Courtesy of Eduardo Suarez