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Early Broadcast Equipment

RCA Field Strength Test Antenna

This test antenna was made in 1939. It was used by television stations to make measurements of their transmitter's field strength. The antenna came from the Washington, DC. area and was donated by Bill Seabrook of Dunkirk, Maryland.

This is the shipping box it is packed in. The box was apparently sent to different cities, so it may have been used by RCA factory engineers.

The antenna comes with rods that are used to tune the antenna to longer wavelengths. Based on the length of the rods, the antenna could be tuned from about 20 to 125 mHz.

Bill Seabrook has located the field intensity meter that goes with this antenna. It will be donated to the museum. The article below shows a power supply unit (model 93A). Our meter has internal batteries.

Popular Science, October 1939

From a 1940 RCA Broadcast Equipment Book

Courtesy of Chuck Azzalina