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Early Broadcast Equipment

RCA TKP-45 Portable Color Camera

This camera was introduced in 1974 and was the first production portable color camera from RCA. It was donated by the David Sarnoff Library. Thanks to Dave Sica and John Tyminski for rescuing it and bringing it to the museum. The camera head weighs 22 pounds and is connected to the CCU by a cable about 1/2 inch in diameter. The CCU could be located up to 1500 feet from the camera.

Courtesy of Dave Sica

Here are some comments from Steve Dichter:

The photo of a TKP-45 at the 1975 Rose Parade brought back many memories. I was the KTLA stage manager for that year's parade and several before and after. KTLA was also the first to broadcast the Rose Parade in stereo and the first local and only station, local or network (including NBC's coverage) to telecast the parade in color in Jan. 1955 using RCA TK-40 cameras.

The information at the bottom of the last TKP-45 photo is incorrect. NBC was the first to broadcast the Rose Parade over their network in Jan.1954 and for various reasons telecast the Rose Parade in B&W in 1955. They resumed color coverage in 1956. KTLA also telecast the Rose Parade in color in 1956. Los Angeles color tv owners can claim the only city in the nation to have a choice of two stations KTLA, independent and KRCA, NBC affliate to watch in color in 1956. This was one of the rare times that L.A. color tv owners had the choice of multiple color shows airing at the same time in the 1955-56 period. CBS, NBC, and KTLA on several occations telecast live or film color programs in the same time period in L.A. in 1955-56.

In the mid 70's KTLA used he TKP-45 on several productions both remotes and in studio. The attached photo shows the TKP-45 mounted on a special gyro mount built by KTLA engineering. The photo below shows it being used on a taping of "The Donny & Marie Show" an ABC network show taped at the KTLA studios. Also used on ABC's less successful "Brady Bunch Variety Hour" also taped at KTLA. I stage managed several episodes of both these shows. The gyro mount allowed for special tilt shots. Also available from RCA was the "Minimax" adapter which allowed the TKP-45 to be mounted on a studio ped with a 7" viewfinder and zoom lens.