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Early Electronic Television

RGD 382-RG

(click on picture for high resolution image)

Screen Size 12 inch
Year Made 1938
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost 130 Gns.
Number Still in Existence See Pre-1945 Database
Cabinet Original Finish
Chassis Restored


Warranty card
Advertising literature
Technical information

Before World War Two, several manufacturers in England made large, elaborate radio-phonograph-television sets. This one was made in 1938.  Thelisted the price at about 135 British Pounds. We also have the originalfor this set. 

Here is a view of the chassis in our set:

The 382 sets used an electrostatic deflection Ediswan 12H CRT:

Our set apparently has chassis from the 1939 RGD product line. It is not clear whether our set was retrofitted with them, or came with them originally. Ours uses a Mazda CRM-121. Here is a photo of a model 393, showing chassis which are identical to the ones in our set:

Courtesy of John Sully