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Early Television
Early Television Early Television
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Sightmaster Americana

Early Television

(1948 - 15 inch)

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Here is a quote from the March, 1949 issue of  Radio-Electronics:

The Sightmaster Corporation has taken advantage of the "one-way" mirror to present a viewing screen that looks like a decorative mirror when the set is turned off. As the photograph shows, the receiver resembles a period furniture piece. When it is turned on, the cathode-ray tube transmits the image through the mirror. Since the mirror is not quite completely transparent, it is said to act as a filter, reducing glare. The manufacturer is offering custom installations with the Sightmirror as well as the standard receiver.

We only have the cabinet for this set. However, the chassis was made by Transvision, and it is likely that we will find a chassis some day. Here is a patent describing the mirror, courtesy of Dave Abramson.

Early Television

September, 1948  Radio & Television News