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Postwar American Television

Snaider (Television Assembly Co.) P-520 ("Auditorium")

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(1948 - 5 inch projection tube)

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TAC kit set and projection add-on for direct-view sets

This set was made in 1948 to be installed in the wall of a house or in a separate, metal cabinet. It is a projection set, and is almost 6 feet tall.  The set is a kit, made by Television Assembly Company of New York.


The tuning dial, with channel 1 and FM 


The front panel





The mirror/screen assembly, made of sheet metal.




The TV/FM Radio Receiver Chassis (top) and the Sweep Chassis (bottom)


The projection lens (center), the Power Supply Chassis (bottom left), and the Sweep Chassis ( top).





The TV/FM Radio Receiver Chassis.