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Postwar American Television

Telicon Projection Set

(click on picture for high resolution image)

(1946 - 5 inch projection tube)

This is one of the first projection sets to be sold. It is six feet tall, with a picture 24 x 30 inches. It has a 7 channel pushbutton tuner, and comes with a printed overlay that has three New York City stations on it. The control panel, which is below the screen, has a lock on it. This set was probably sold to bars and other public places.

Here is a view with the front door open. The projection assembly, which is in the middle, uses a 5TP4 tube. On the left is the high voltage power supply, and on the right is the low voltage supply. The main chassis mounts above the projection assembly.

We have no technical information on this set. If anyone knows about this set, please contact us.

Thanks to Don Saltzman for finding this set and helping to get it to the museum.