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Early Television
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U. S. Pre-1945 Production

It is estimated that 7000 TV sets were made in the U. S. in 1939 and 1940. Good information is available about RCA's manufacturing, which made up about half of the estimated production. 

Model #
TT-5 587
TRK-5 602
TRK-9 and TRK-90 453
TRK-12 and TRK-120 1779
Total 3421

Courtesy of Jeff Lendaro

Here are some estimates of the production of other manufacturers:

RCA Field Test 200
Sears/Silvertone * 58
Westinghouse * 258
Zenith 103

* Made by RCA 

(From Historic Televisions & Video Recorders by Michael Bennett-Levy and Danny Gustafson)