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Early Television Early Television
Early Television Early Television
Mechanical Television

VE9AK - Montreal, Canada

VE9AK was an experimental station, which started broadcasting television in 1935, using equipment made by Peck Television Corp. Here are pictures from the October, 1935 issue of Radio News.  The station operated on 41 mHz with 100 watts of power and broadcast from the roof of a hotel in Montreal. Broadcasting was done with both 60 and 150 lines.

In 1938 Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co. Ltd. was granted an experimental license for a frequency modulation (FM) for VE9AK. A 50-watt transmitter, built at the Rogers Radio Tube plant, operated in the original FM band - around 42 mHz. A vertical antenna was mounted on the roof of the CFRB studio building at 37 Bloor Street West  in Toronto - with a height of only 60 feet above ground level. It is not known if the original VE9AK in Montreal was related to the station in Toronto.

Television in Canada - Radio News, September 1935

Early Television

J. L. Cassell at the Canadian television station VE9AK monitoring a program

Early Television

Making actual field-strength measurements near the short-wave antenna of VE9AK to determine the beam's directional ability