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Postwar American Television

Postwar VHF Boosters

Our display

Many of these were donated by Mark Nelson

Early sets had very poor sensitivity. If the set was located more than about 30 miles from a TV station, the picture would be snowy. RF boosters were often used to increase the sensitivity.


Video Research Corp. made about 1946, tuning only channels 1-6. It was donated by Charles Harper of Paris, KY.

RMS model SP-2. This booster is from 1946 or 1947, and tunes channels 1-13. It uses two 6AK5 tubes.

Turner TV-2

Regency DB-550

Regency DB-410

Blonder-Tongue B-24 2 way amplified splitter


Bogen BB-1


National TVB-2

Philco 45-1622

Video Reseach Labs TVL

Donated by Chuck Azzalina

Many of these boosters were donated by Mark Nelson