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Postwar American Television

1946 Viewtone VP100

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(1946 -  7 inch)

Advertising literature
Schematic diagram of a model VP-155

This is one of the first post-war TVs, circa 1945 or 1946. The primitive cabinet and chassis circuit design, and the 6-channel tuner, show the rudimentary nature of this very unusual TV. Very few Viewtone television sets were made, and only a couple have ever turned up.

Viewtone advertised its TVs to dealers in the September 1945 Radio-Television Journal. The cabinet measures 19" wide by 22" tall, and 21" deep. The special molded plastic screen has a 6" diagonal. This set has a "pre-war TV" styled chassis, with a large AC transformer--not the typical electrostatic RF system in most post-war 7" TVs. The picture tube is a DuMont 7EP4.   The chassis has a combination of Loctal and Octal vacuum tubes.