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Early Electronic Television

Chauvierre Visiodyne Baby

60 line experimental set used by universities and for research. It had only 8 tubes. The Visiodyne was built by French TV pioneer Marc Chauvierre. He was an early adopter of new technology and tinkered a lot. The Visiodyne was sold as a kit, very few were made as there was not much to watch back then and the French kept changing their lines standards, so the major electronics manufacturers decided to wait until a line standard was set upon before manufacturing in any quantity. The war interrupted the process before anything was decided, hence the unbelieveable scarcity of true pre-war French electronic sets. (Information thanks to Jerome Halphen)

The museum has a CRT for this set in its collection. Here is a replica made by French collector Collector André Chompret.

In the CNAM Museum, Paris


In Cabinet

With magnifier


Pictures courtesy of Jerome Halphen

Courtesy of Jerome Halphen

Courtesy of Gilles Bokowiez

Courtesy of Jerome Halphen